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FAQs: How We Serve Your Project Needs

Owrey Construction sets out to be a client advocate. We work hard to earn your trust in delivering construction projects. Learn more about the collaborative approach that sets us apart in the industry.

Key Information About Our General Contracting Firm

Our leadership team has decades of experience in the Houston commercial construction market with expertise in every market sector we support. While we are a young company, we have assembled an all-star roster of construction professionals who lend their individual experience to bolster our collective capabilities. The whole is truly greater than the sum of the parts.

We are committed to sustainable construction practices. We constantly evaluate and review our construction practices to ensure we can adapt to the latest sustainability best practices in the industry and satisfy specific requirements for every project.

We follow the lead of our partners to ensure that “sustainability” is built into the project design. The thinking is that a “green building” is an extension of a good design. If you start with a good economic design, you will be on your way toward a product that is labeled “green” as your end product.

We follow a three-step approach to QA/QC for each project.

– Phase 1 | Preliminary Evaluation: The foundation for quality control starts with understanding the client’s needs in the early conceptual stages of the project. This approach lays the groundwork for establishing measurable benchmarks for quality throughout construction. We take a proactive approach from the onset of the project with preconstruction and coordination meetings.

– Phase 2 | Construction Progress Inspections: Our team continuously monitors the quality of construction by conducting routine walk-through inspections throughout the project. We conduct a formal compliance inspection at the 50% mark to verify the quality of work.

– Phase 3 | Closing Inspections: Alongside the client and consultants, our team conducts a final inspection and generates a comprehensive punch list to ensure the completed work meets the project-specified quality standards and exceeds the client’s expectations.

We work with clients on a project-by-project basis to execute your project according to budget, time, quality, and cost parameters. We follow clear processes for each project depending on the project delivery method. Our project delivery methods include the following:

  • Design / Build
  • Design / Assist
  • Negotiated Fee GMP
  • Stipulated Sum

We have cultivated excellent relationships within the subcontractor community in Houston. In total, our team has 60+ years of experience in building subcontractor relationships. We understand the importance of solid relationships in our industry and strive to build the most capable team possible for any project by getting to know your business, people, and processes. It is a genuinely collaborative partnership.

We recognize that our subcontracting partners are an integral part of our success and ability to provide premier service for our clients. As we build new partnerships, we evaluate the following aspects of each potential subcontractor:

  • Insurance Capabilities
  • Commitment to Safety
  • OSHA Training of Employees
  • EMR
  • Financial Stability
  • Bonding Capacity
  • Past Experience
  • Industry References
  • QA/QC policies
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